archery… in colour

2 thoughts on “archery… in colour”

  1. Nope, Sorry. Kyudo is, like Kendo, about as related to its martial forbear as two utterly unrelated things. The kyudo practitioner is aiming for a perfect stylised form that matches an ideal utterly divorced from actually putting an arrow into the thing you want to hit.

    The thing is, it actually is important to ritualise and repeat your actions and form to be a good archer, but with the aim of actually hitting the target time and time again. This is ritual for it’s own sake, it makes no sense to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can see how we ended up with Kyudo, its the ultimate form of archery practice, stylised over time to the point where it resembles a dance or a set of tai chi forms. This is the way of Bushido. I just don’t get why anyone would practice it now.

    1. That’s very interesting, Lloyd. I presume you’re talking about the difference between kyūjutsu ( and kyudo (although I’m not pretending to know a great deal about either).
      I can understand how the current practice seems a bit divorced from target archery, but it’s always seemed, as you say, closer to tai chi or yoga or aikido than actual archery in the dictionary definition sense. It seems to take a different role in people’s lives.

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