korean archery secrets pt.42

4 thoughts on “korean archery secrets pt.42”

  1. I worked in Korea for 6 years, so I have first hand experience with this, and can personally back up this entire article.
    They are also not at all open to foreign archers studying at any of the official clubs. I brought back a few Korean horse bows, but I was never able to secure any instruction. It was a little sad.

  2. You write, “lining up like… well, schoolgirls.” It could also be written as. “lined up like… well drilled troops.” Given their results are more akin to outcomes expected of well drilled troops as opposed to schoolgirls, what say you?

    1. The Korean approach to archery coaching seems to me to be closer to teacher/pupil that drill instructor/privates, but I take your point. Well-drilled troops indeed.

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