what does your indoor range look like?

These photos show the archery hall (more specifically, kyūdo hall) built by FT Architects for Kogakuin University at their campus in west Tokyo last year. The brief was to build a inspiring venue with 100m² of uninterrupted, column-free floor space, using locally sourced timber. The roof is constructed of Japanese cyprus, a timber latticework with straight mortise and tenon joints … Continue reading what does your indoor range look like?

Artful Archery (1937)

It’s the last British Pathé Tuesday, and I’ve dug up a brief clip from 1937 featuring some footage from an archery competition in Lancaster, PA, some soundless instinctive trick shots, and… well, have a look for yourself. The voiceover is exactly the sort of posh, patronising rattle satirised so well by Harry Enfield in the 90s. … Continue reading Artful Archery (1937)