Well that was fun, although getting up at 7am on a Sunday morning to watch it wasn’t. In the wrong timezone, here… Full results here: http://www.worldarchery.org/EVENTS/World-Cup I see the Indian media haven’t changed their aggressive stance on overseas sporting success, which I wrote about previously. Must repost something from the new trend of ‘podium selfies‘, the … Continue reading #WCShanghai

the real world

So myself and Mlle. Infinite Curve were having a coffee at lunchtime when she nudged me and said ‘Look what’s on the TV!”. Archery actually on the BBC news; Danielle Brown’s win at the AGB National Series followed by a familiar “you gonna do the Olympics then?” question, all on a proper BBC News 24 … Continue reading the real world


Whoulda thunk it. Hulking rugby forward Tom Wood, currently playing at No.8 for England in the Six Nations competition, is a compound archer, and it sounds like he’s gone pretty deep.     Kind of intrigued by the “pressing lights into the target face to aim at” bit too. Continue reading SIX NATIONS