kyūdō: slight return

Found these fantastic pics of the Oh-mato Taikai at the Sanjūsangen-dō in Kyoto in Japan, taken by the immensely talented Teruhide Tomori, whose Flickr photstream is here. From the JNTO; “Archers compete against each other in the 120-meter long Sanjusangen-do Temple, which is the world’s longest wooden structure. The l meter in diameter target is positioned 60 meters away, … Continue reading kyūdō: slight return

archery… in colour

Japanese kyūdōka circa 1860, colourised by user ‘photojacker‘ on Reddit. Interesting fact: the archer on the left is wearing geta, a sort of clog, the others are wearing traditional Japanese sandals known as zōri. This is from a collection of colourised historic monochrome photos by Reddit users, lots of goodness right here. We’ve had kyūdō on the Infinite Curve … Continue reading archery… in colour


Have been enjoying the reports from the first stage of the World Cup in Shanghai, which has had about a foot of rain in the last day by the sounds of it. This video (above) is good for explaining the structure of the tourney. You can see the live results coming through here. Plus, I … Continue reading shanghai’d