kyūdō: slight return

Found these fantastic pics of the Oh-mato Taikai at the Sanjūsangen-dō in Kyoto in Japan, taken by the immensely talented Teruhide Tomori, whose Flickr photstream is here. From the JNTO; “Archers compete against each other in the 120-meter long Sanjusangen-do Temple, which is the world’s longest wooden structure. The l meter in diameter target is positioned 60 meters away, … Continue reading kyūdō: slight return

archery… in colour

Japanese kyūdōka circa 1860, colourised by user ‘photojacker‘ on Reddit. Interesting fact: the archer on the left is wearing geta, a sort of clog, the others are wearing traditional Japanese sandals known as zōri. This is from a collection of colourised historic monochrome photos by Reddit users, lots of goodness right here. We’ve had kyūdō on the Infinite Curve … Continue reading archery… in colour