l’art pour l’art

L’ART POUR L’ART.  ARTE POR EL ARTE. कला के लिए कला. KUNST UM DER KUNST WILLEN. etc. William Russell Flint, plate from Le Morte D’Arthur, 1910-1911 “The devil made thee a shooter.” Romanticised Arthurian legends (the text is from Malory) from Sir William Russell Flint, famous for his representation of women. She doesn’t have a name, but safe to say that … Continue reading l’art pour l’art

Khatuna Lorig interview

Slightly peculiar interview with Khatuna Lorig at Women’s Fitness website. Strange layout, wonky translation, couple of very odd questions, but there’s some interesting bits. Have a read: Khatuna Lorig: No.1 Women Archer in US Reveals her Success Mantra Ms. Namita Nayyar: You have glowing skin and gorgeous hairs. Do you take some kind of skin treatment … Continue reading Khatuna Lorig interview