canal no alvo!

Why did no one tell me about this guy before?  Canal No Alvo (which translates as ‘On Target Channel’) is the brainchild of Bernado Oliveira, a competitive archer from Brasília, who likes to make all sorts of ker-razy videos with him and his recurve bow. I particularly enjoyed ‘Pool Challenge’, which sees him try some version … Continue reading canal no alvo!

Artful Archery (1937)

It’s the last British Pathé Tuesday, and I’ve dug up a brief clip from 1937 featuring some footage from an archery competition in Lancaster, PA, some soundless instinctive trick shots, and… well, have a look for yourself. The voiceover is exactly the sort of posh, patronising rattle satirised so well by Harry Enfield in the 90s. … Continue reading Artful Archery (1937)

how a bow is born

Found these excellent videos on YouTube about traditional Korean bowmaking, constructing the gungdo (각궁) of bamboo, sinew, horn and various woods. Unfortunately, all the videos are in Korean, the only option is YouTube caption subtitles (click on the little icon below the screen that looks like an addressed envelope, and select ‘on’, ‘Translate Captions’, and then … Continue reading how a bow is born